Shogun’s Tower: Ascend a Vertical Structure to Massive Prizes

We, here at Spinza, are super excited to announce that we are diving into the cascading slot genre with our latest samurai-infused video slot – Shogun’s Tower. This game category pioneered over a decade ago and has long been a fan favourite, and now, fans of Spinza slots can also enjoy some cascading reel-spinning action.

Our team of expert developers is continuously looking for new ways for the Spinza brand to remain competitive in the interactive gaming sphere. And for Shogun’s Tower and another fresh Spinza slot, Pirate Pete, they have decided to branch out from our staple Hold and Win feature and have dove into utilising other popular gameplay mechanics.

Shogun’s Tower is our attempt to contribute to the sea of over one hundred slot titles featuring Japan’s famous military nobility. However, we have decided to take a more cartoony approach to this theme, conveying a colourful sense of style via illustrated graphics and cascading sequence wins. Trust us, as the launch date for Shogun’s Tower looms, excitement levels at the Spinza offices are going through the roof, as we cannot wait to share this game with our loyal followers and online casino goers in general.

Enjoy Better Winning Odds with Cascading Sequences

For those new to the interactive gaming sphere, the cascading mechanic, sometimes also called the avalanche feature, is a base gameplay system where symbols that help form winning combos explode, and in their place, new symbols appear on the grid. If a novel winning combination gets formed thanks to these new symbols, the same thing repeats until a losing sequence occurs. A non-winning cascade brings about an end to a symbol drop sequence. Hence, this feature allows for better prize accumulation on any single stake.

You can wager the minimum bet size on Shogun’s Tower, yet this game may wind up producing several winning spins on it. What is there not to love about that? If you are a winner, cascading games give you a chance to win again! They are among the most generous online gambling games, helping lucky players grow their bankrolls when good fortune is on their side.

Get a Prize of up to 10,000x

Know that Shogun’s Tower is not only a cascading slot but it also a pay-anywhere game. That means there are no traditional paylines in play here. Instead, players earn prizes by having a certain number of identical symbols in this title. Landing three samurai scatters will get you access into the Shogun’s Tower free spins mode, where this slot’s true reward potential lies.

When you trigger the free spins round by hitting three samurais, you then form a faction with other warriors, with whom you enter the Shogun’s tower and begin a battle for glory and riches. Hitting more samurai scatters within this round helps players ascend through the tower’s floors, earning multipliers on their journey up. On the top floor, for those who make it that far, a 5000x win awaits.

Hence, fighting alongside others who cultivate the Bushido codes of martial virtues can lead to some mouth-watering wins on this Spinza game, our first cascading one. 

A Stylized Twist to Feudal Japan

Those with experience hunting for big wins on Spinza games know we love our colour-rich signature ‘Spinza Style’ graphics. Online gambling should be fun, so we aim to make it that by providing a pleasant feast for the eyes that puts our community at ease.

For this release, we have opted to create a presentation unlike anything that Spinza players have seen before from us. Instead of incorporating visuals that boast painterly images, we have chosen to go for a more minimalistic, elegant approach in line with Japanese historical brush art.

The Shogun’s Tower’s interface should be straightforward for anyone to navigate with the spin, auto-spin, and turbo-spin functions found on the left side of the screen and the bet-adjuster and balance info on the bottom. In our opinion, this slot is the epitome of style and simplicity.

Attain Real Money Prizes on This Sword-Fighting Romp

Samurais undoubtedly are cool. Hence, why not test out Shogun’s Tower, a slot that gives you the chance to slash your way through hordes of enemies as you fill your pockets with cash on this exciting game set in 13th-century Feudal Japan. For the uninformed, Shoguns were the military dictators appointed by the country’s Emperor from the 12th to the 19th century. And in this slot, players assume the role of a warrior in war-torn Japan, seeking to overthrow his unjust ruler, and taking home real money wins in the process. A max prize of 10,000x should make anyone’s head spin, and cascading sequences can make small bets pay off in a big way in Shogun’s Tower. With a launch date of 29th May 2023, be ready to play this Spinza game as soon as it lands in your online casino’s game lobby!