Fruity Bombers: Beat the Bomb


Game Overview

With the well established success of fruit themed slot games dating back decades, we at Spinza thought we’d dip our toes in the genre, set in a tropical paradise – but wait! We’ve put an explosive spin on things. You can rest assured that this slot game is like none you have ever had the pleasure of playing. While this game may look innocent at a glance, the delicious looking fruit you are trying to collect are all rigged to blow! With multiplying wilds, and a high frequency of scatter symbols, you’ll be booming your way into the high rollers hall of fame if you can survive the feature game’s wicked twist…
Can you Beat the Bomb?

In a feature that truly is the first of it’s genre, the feature game of Fruity Bombers will challenge you to Beat. The. Bomb. After landing 3 scatter symbols in the base game, you will face nuclear apocalyptic extinction at the mercy of the bomb. Players are awarded up to 500 free spins upon beginning the feature, but here’s the catch: You’ll never know exactly how many you get. After each spin, players will be offered the option to claim their winnings and escape with cash in their hands, or the option to risk it all for the chance to spin again. That’s right, if you hold out for too long and the bomb blows, you could walk away from the feature game with nothing! But with sticky multiplying wilds in the feature game and that thrill of the chase we all know and love, players will put their willpower to the test in this never-before-seen bonus game

Base Game

While the stress of beating the bomb is intense, the gameplay in the base game is a stark contrast. Enjoy the serenity of your own personal island paradise as you reap the rewards of a tropical fruity buffet. Let the soothing waves wash over you, as they bring wild crates of fruit gently to the shore. Bask in the splendor of crystal blue waters and a dreamy horizon. Keep your wits about you though, with the possibility of losing it all in the feature game, we’ve cranked up the frequency of scatter symbols in the base game so you know your next chance at beating the bomb is never too far away.

Buy your premium bonus!

If even that is too long to wait for a bonus game, you can choose to buy your way directly to the bonus! With two bonus buy options,  you can choose to purchase the standard bonus game experience, or elect for the coveted, the bespoke, the JUICY premium bonus buy game! In this version of the game, ALL sticky wilds will multiply your win by a whopping 10x! With such an explosive win potential, this option is only accessible through direct purchase and is designed with only the most daring punters in mind! Do you have a metric megaton of willpower capable of beating the bomb? Or will your conviction fizzle out? There’s only one way to say, but so many ways to play, so have a blast and give Fruity Bombers: Beat the Bomb a spin today!

Key Facts

Game Name Fruity Bombers: Beat the Bomb
Game ID FruityBombers
Technology HTML 5
Default Min/ Max Bet (€) 0.1 - 60
RTP 96%
Volatility High
Max Win

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