Crystal Crushers


Game Overview

Dive into the Earth in search of shimmering jewels, in Crystal Crushers! This title by Spinza is a treat for the senses, delivering a mesmerising soundscape and gorgeous visuals, with a style of play that will capture the imagination of any players. With a 5x5 grid and 15 playlines, players can expect big returns and the potential for even bigger wins in this timeless iGaming experience. The bonus game of Crystal Crushers puts fate in the hand of the player, with a unique twist on a classic game style.
Main Game

The main game of Crystal Crushers sees the player linking lines of matching gemstones to earn big wins. Any winning lines shatter into a cascading rockslide, making room for more gems to fall in their place! This tumbling effect can occur up to ten times, for a real edge-of-your-seat experience.

Bonus Game

Hitting 3 or more of the scatter symbol in the base game will send the player deeper in to the crystal cavern, where rare treasures are found! Players are given the chance to choose which crystals to crush, revealing special reel frames with huge win potential. Following this, a cascade of fire opals rains from above, awarding winnings of up to 50x per opal! If the bonus game reels are filled to the brim with opals, the 5000x jackpot is awarded! Now thats a win big enough to put a sparkle in the eye of any slot fanatic!

Dynamic Gameplay

With the choice and variation of up to 3 different bonus game configurations, each with their own bonus buy options, no two bonus games will ever be the same. Recursive collectors, chip multipliers and global multipliers each affect the game’s outcome in their own way, making for a gaming experiece with infinite potential. This culmination of elements along with player interacivity and the game’s audiovisual prowess makes for a slot like no other. Try it today!

Key Facts

Game Name Crystal Crushers
Game ID CrystalCrushers
Technology HTML 5
Default Min/ Max Bet (€) 0.1 - 40
RTP 96%, 94%
Volatility High
Max Win

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