Shogun’s Tower: Ascend a Vertical Structure to Massive Prizes

We, here at Spinza, are super excited to announce that we are diving into the cascading slot genre with our latest samurai-infused video slot – Shogun’s Tower. This game category pioneered over a decade ago and has long been a fan favourite, and now, fans of Spinza slots can also enjoy some cascading reel-spinning action.

Our team of expert developers is continuously looking for new ways for the Spinza brand to remain competitive in the interactive gaming sphere. And for Shogun’s Tower and another fresh Spinza slot, Pirate Pete, they have decided to branch out from our staple Hold and Win feature and have dove into utilising other popular gameplay mechanics.

Shogun’s Tower is our attempt to contribute to the sea of over one hundred slot titles featuring Japan’s famous military nobility. However, we have decided to take a more cartoony approach to this theme, conveying a colourful sense of style via illustrated graphics and cascading sequence wins. Trust us, as the launch date for Shogun’s Tower looms, excitement levels at the Spinza offices are going through the roof, as we cannot wait to share this game with our loyal followers and online casino goers in general.

Enjoy Better Winning Odds with Cascading Sequences

For those new to the interactive gaming sphere, the cascading mechanic, sometimes also called the avalanche feature, is a base gameplay system where symbols that help form winning combos explode, and in their place, new symbols appear on the grid. If a novel winning combination gets formed thanks to these new symbols, the same thing repeats until a losing sequence occurs. A non-winning cascade brings about an end to a symbol drop sequence. Hence, this feature allows for better prize accumulation on any single stake.

You can wager the minimum bet size on Shogun’s Tower, yet this game may wind up producing several winning spins on it. What is there not to love about that? If you are a winner, cascading games give you a chance to win again! They are among the most generous online gambling games, helping lucky players grow their bankrolls when good fortune is on their side.

Get a Prize of up to 10,000x

Know that Shogun’s Tower is not only a cascading slot but it also a pay-anywhere game. That means there are no traditional paylines in play here. Instead, players earn prizes by having a certain number of identical symbols in this title. Landing three samurai scatters will get you access into the Shogun’s Tower free spins mode, where this slot’s true reward potential lies.

When you trigger the free spins round by hitting three samurais, you then form a faction with other warriors, with whom you enter the Shogun’s tower and begin a battle for glory and riches. Hitting more samurai scatters within this round helps players ascend through the tower’s floors, earning multipliers on their journey up. On the top floor, for those who make it that far, a 5000x win awaits.

Hence, fighting alongside others who cultivate the Bushido codes of martial virtues can lead to some mouth-watering wins on this Spinza game, our first cascading one. 

A Stylized Twist to Feudal Japan

Those with experience hunting for big wins on Spinza games know we love our colour-rich signature ‘Spinza Style’ graphics. Online gambling should be fun, so we aim to make it that by providing a pleasant feast for the eyes that puts our community at ease.

For this release, we have opted to create a presentation unlike anything that Spinza players have seen before from us. Instead of incorporating visuals that boast painterly images, we have chosen to go for a more minimalistic, elegant approach in line with Japanese historical brush art.

The Shogun’s Tower’s interface should be straightforward for anyone to navigate with the spin, auto-spin, and turbo-spin functions found on the left side of the screen and the bet-adjuster and balance info on the bottom. In our opinion, this slot is the epitome of style and simplicity.

Attain Real Money Prizes on This Sword-Fighting Romp

Samurais undoubtedly are cool. Hence, why not test out Shogun’s Tower, a slot that gives you the chance to slash your way through hordes of enemies as you fill your pockets with cash on this exciting game set in 13th-century Feudal Japan. For the uninformed, Shoguns were the military dictators appointed by the country’s Emperor from the 12th to the 19th century. And in this slot, players assume the role of a warrior in war-torn Japan, seeking to overthrow his unjust ruler, and taking home real money wins in the process. A max prize of 10,000x should make anyone’s head spin, and cascading sequences can make small bets pay off in a big way in Shogun’s Tower. With a launch date of 29th May 2023, be ready to play this Spinza game as soon as it lands in your online casino’s game lobby!

With the ongoing success of El Dorado and other recently launched slots, here at Spinza, we are delighted to announce our latest title – Pirate Pete. Our team of experts has been working hard behind the scenes in order to deliver a game that we are immensely proud of. Despite having been in the business for over a decade, launching a new slot is something that always excites us.

As the name suggests, Pirate Pete is set in the heart of the sea, with the nautical theme bringing some outstanding visuals and entertaining sounds. Aside from how Pirate Pete looks, the slot has a number of other selling points, with free spins being available throughout. With the countdown to its launch having already begun, don your eye patch and draw your sword as we explain exactly what Pirate Pete has to offer.

Sail Your Way to Riches on the High Seas

Pirate Pete takes players on a daring voyage across rough and dangerous waters. Those who overcome enemy ships along the way will reap the rewards, with some fantastic nautical scenes being on display throughout. With a classic 3 row, 5-reel setup, as well as 25 paylines, Pirate Pete also delivers generous bonus rounds.

Landing the right symbols will trigger a huge multiplier feature in both the base game and free spins ound. From 10x multipliers to 250x value symbols, there is nothing better than special symbols riding the waves and landing on the reels. Multipliers take the maximum win of Pirate Pete up to 5040x your stake, which should be enough to attract even the most demanding of players.

Load the Cannon with Pirate Pete’s Excellent Gameplay

Pirate Pete is unique in the fact that two separate RTP’s are available, rising from the ocean at 94% and 96%. During the base game, the aim of the game is to land winning combinations and 3+ free spin symbols. With a monetary value of between 10x to 250x multipliers on base game symbols, X really does mark the spot when playing Pirate Pete.

8 free spins are awarded to players when 3 or more pirate ship symbols hit the reels, with additional free spins being up for grabs for those who can successfully navigate past enemy ships and ever-changing waters. An autoplay feature is available too, which is ideal for pirates thirsty for enemy blood and the treasures they hold.

Eye-Catching Graphics Bring the Game to Life

Now that you know how Pirate Pete’s gameplay works, it is time to discuss the slot’s look. Our developers have really captured the essence of mystery and suspense, while still delivering a colourful and visually pleasing design. The reels are set in the cloudy sky, above the sea, which is littered with pirate ships.

The titular character, Pirate Pete, sits on top of the mast, keeping a lookout for all that lies in wait. As well as traditional J, Q, K, and A symbols, higher paying symbols come in the form of treasure chests, pistols, swords and steering wheels. Things take a more wild turn upon the free spins round being triggered, with the sky turning black and lightning bolts flashing.

Despite the treacherous conditions, this is one of the most rewarding features of the Pirate Pete slot
with the total number of free spins being clearly visible at all times. Earnings are separated into different categories, Big Win, Huge Win, Massive Win and Plunderous Win! With an exciting soundtrack and enticing additional noises, including the squawk of a seagull and coins tumbling, everything is in place for an entertaining experience.

Spot Land Ahoy with Pirate Pete

If you are ready to embark on a journey across different oceans, then give Pirate Pete, our latest slot, a go today! With a significant maximum win, free spins and multipliers, a host of riches are found on board. If you have enjoyed what we at Spinza have had to offer so far, you are certain to love Pirate Pete. So, place your bets and spin the reels, with the slot being fully functional on both desktop and mobile.

We previously brought you the likes of Golden Gunslinger, Laughing Buddha and Golden Dragon. We are now delighted to say that our latest video slot is El Dorado, featuring a multiplier of up to 5040x during the free spins round. The game will launch soon, with our team in Bulgaria having worked tirelessly over recent months to ensure that it is up to our high standards, something in which players have become accustomed to. 

Based on the Lost City of Gold, El Dorado will take players back to 600 AD, with Spinza fans having a host of features to look forward to when travelling through the winding rivers to the impressive pyramid. El Dorado is released in April 2022, with the countdown having very much begun here at Spinza

We believe that players will love what we have created, with El Dorado coming with stunning visuals and entertaining gameplay. Let’s discuss the key features of the slot, providing insight into just why we are so excited for launch day.

Step Into the Lost City With El Dorado

While the story of El Dorado dates back hundreds of years, the design and visuals here are very much modern day. Players can view the Lost City of Gold, which is surrounded by lush greenery and the famous South American rivers. Symbols include golden snakes, gold bars and the renowned chief’s bird headdress.

Many of you will be familiar with the mythical of El Dorado. However, our latest game really brings the story to life. As with all of our slots, El Dorado is intuitive and original, with hand-drawn graphics being found too. Each aspect of the legend is covered, giving players a sense of what life in The Guianas is really like. With a fitting soundtrack also accompanying the game, players really are transported to the jungle with our latest release.

Can You Capture the Columbian Gold?

All set for a trip back in time? Many have attempted to explore the fabled city of El Dorado in the past. Having rowed upstream, players will arrive at the footsteps of the Golden Pyramid in the hope of taking home everything that is hidden inside. The treasures on offer are huge, with an over-average RTP of 97.3% making for some regular opportunities for success

Available on desktop, mobile and tablet, El Dorado is delivered on a traditional 5×3 grid with 25 paylines. Volatility is high, however four different versions are available, with bets ranging from €0.5 to €100. Jackpots also differ, with Mini (30x), Minor (150x) and Major (300x) catering for both beginners and high rollers. With free spins and other features to look forward to, here at Spinza, we cannot wait to show you everything El Dorado!

Those who successfully travel upstream towards the ancient riches will come across free spins and multipliers. For example, 5 of the same symbols can lead to a payout of 2500x your stake. The 20 free spin option is what all players will be aiming for, and which is higher than many other slots. Corresponding Wilds are found on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels.

What Other Riches Lie Inside the Lost City?

Also cropping up during the game is the “?” coin, which appears on the 1st reel. This can be either 1x, 2x or 3x, with the multiplier potentially reaching a massive 5040x! El Dorado also delivers the opportunity for retriggers. In the event of players landing three or more free spin symbols during bonus rounds, another set of games becomes available. Once complete, players will then return to the base game, where they will once again select their chosen volatility. This feature demonstrates the flexibility available to players, with Spinza clearly having thought about their satisfaction throughout.

Win Big with Spinza’s Brand New Video Slot

El Dorado really does offer players hours of entertainment. However, winning players will also be rewarded handsomely financially. With the default value of coins starting at €0.5 and rising to €200, El Dorado really is a game for all. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our latest slot. The release of El Dorado fills us with immense satisfaction, so we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did in developing it. 

Despite having been in the business for more than a decade, the excitement of releasing a new slot only increases. With the latest HTML 5 technology, a generous free spins feature and rewarding multipliers, we are certain that a trip back in time to the Ancient city of El Dorado will be too good of an opportunity to miss out on.

Golden Dragon: Multi-Hold and Win – Fire Breathing Fun!

Our dedication to slots needs little explaining. 2022 looks set to be a fun-filled year for us. We can’t wait to share with you what we have been working on in the studio. This includes the Golden Dragon: Multi-Hold and Win slot, which is poised for release soon. 

The slot titles keep rolling off the production line, and our Golden Dragon slot is given the red-carpet treatment. Packed with plenty of features, we believe you will love our multi-screen take on the popular Hold and Win feature.

Be prepared to fight fire with fire as you come into close contact with some mythical dragons on your mission to find the legendary golden dragon’s den. However, you will be on your way to success if you come face to face with the mighty bringer of good fortune and take home one of four Grand Jackpot’s.

We have pulled out all the stops to make this Asian mythology-themed game look as slick and immersive as possible. So, let’s explore the main features on your way through the mountains, and see why we are raving about it.

Eye-popping theme and visuals

One of the things that will take your breath away, is the imagery and animation. Set against the backdrop of Chinese mountains and peaks, your premium symbols will be the four colourful dragons.

Once the free spins get you into the dragon’s lair, the den will be stuffed with lots of treasure, but you will also stumble across some unusual items. We have incorporated all the eerie things too, such as skulls and bones, next to gold and treasure, to give you a realistic portrayal of the inside of this legendary place.

Fiery features: Ready to slay some dragons?

This game, like some of our other slots, is played on a traditional 5×3 grid, and it offers 25 paylines. As mentioned, our Golden Dragon Multi-Hold and Win is stacked with plenty of exciting features, including 8 standard symbols. Of the premium standard symbols, the best is the Golden Dragon, and the rest in descending order, are Black Dragon, Red Dragon, and the Green Dragon.

Other symbols lurking in the den

There are additional symbols in this slot, which add some spice to the game. This can be broken down into the bonus symbol, a Scatter symbol, and a Wild. The fireballs worth money fall into the bonus category to unlock additional game screens. Meanwhile, the dragon’s den entrance will lead to free spins, while the treasure chest Wild will show up multipliers during the free spins round.

Bonus Game: Unlock up to 4 sets of reels

Courtesy of our Coin Flow feature, this slot is a multi-screen gaming experience with up to four games going on at the same time, so you need to keep your eyes peeled. The Coin Flow feature is straightforward: You need to collect at least 6 Fireball bonus symbols to get to the eponymous Hold and Win mode. The more symbols collected, the more windows that are opened in the game.

Similar to the way the bonus part of the game plays out on our Golden Gunslinger slot, this feature is quite intricate and moves onto a dedicated bonus screen.

In terms of imagery, the bonus screen mirrors the normal game, but all the trees and surrounding forestation, which will be burnt. So, don’t be alarmed when the sky changes colour from blue to dark grey, or even black!

4 Grand Jackpots – Boost your bankroll!

The more dragon fireballs you land, the more chances there are to win big. If you manage to fill one of the game screens with 15 Fireball symbols, one of four possible grand jackpots awaits you: the gold grand, red grand, blue grand or green grand. At the start of each bonus spins these grand jackpots are randomly assigned to a specific game window. Once those fireballs are collected you can be awarded one of these delightful prizes!

Free Spins – Avoid the skull and bones!

The free spins can be very rewarding in Golden Dragon and are triggered by a minimum of 3 Dragon’s Den scatter symbols. Displayed in rows, you can select the volatility, as well as number of free spins and multiplier levels. Ideally, you will want to avoid becoming a victim, so avoid the skulls and bones at all costs! 

When it comes to picking the volatility, there will be more free spins depending on which part of the reel you want to hit. So, with 3 scatters, the left side of the reel can generate as many as 12 free spins, while the right will offer up to 4 free spins. With 5 scatters, there are 16 free spins up for grabs. Retriggers are available with 3 or more additional scatter symbols.

Bring your name up in lights!

Are you ready to go on an epic mission with Spinza’s third game release? Let’s embark on a special adventure in Golden Dragon Multi-Hold and Win to seek out the Golden Dragon and secure the key to a life of riches. The wins served up are mammoth, so this game is flaming hot stuff for all our Spinza slot enthusiasts. Prepare for a great time as you see the reels ring with the sound of success! 

Laughing Buddha: Hold and Win – Spin your way to riches!

There will be no need to feel like a hermit, as we will take you on a wonderful odyssey to the Far East. We have been working hard in the studio, and can’t wait to share with you the new Laughing Buddha Hold and Win slot, our second Spinza original. 

Boasting plenty of unique features as well as bonus games, we have given Laughing Buddha a modern makeover for its glorious release this year, and we are sure you will be drawn to it in the same way we are.

The theme is very distinct, and we hope that when you take the plunge into our magical kingdom, your path will be paved in gold. With Laughing Buddha Hold and Win, we have once more provided our own twist on the classic Hold and Win style slots.

We have plenty of slot titles that we are itching to release, and we are sure you will love what we have done with Laughing Buddha. So, let’s get to it and explore the nooks and crannies of this brilliant slot.

Plotting the path to success

The laughing Buddha is emblematic of wealth and good luck, and we want to project those ideals when you play the game. The slot incorporates an Asian theme and, as you may expect, involves travelling to the Far East, and paying a visit to the temple. 

Our team have made some tweaks to give this slot a fresh look for its grand release, and we’re sure you’ll find yourself humming our catchy jingles too. With vibrant graphics accompanying it, you will see why Laughing Buddha Hold and Win is such a winner! 

From a glance, Spinza’s Laughing Buddha slot is played along 3 reels and 5 rows. It also has 25 new and improved paylines, which is considerably more than what we started with in our famous Wild West adventure Golden Gunslinger – which contains 5 paylines.

In the next section, we will get to grips with the style of the slot, and look at the rules. Are you ready for some imperial entertainment?

Unlocking the Main Game

As mentioned previously, this slot contains 3 reels and 5 rows, and we have provided our own take on the classic Hold and Win style of slot. When you enter the main protagonist’s realm of prosperity, you will be sent to a mystical world, and there is plenty to keep you entertained throughout your trip.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to accumulate as many gold coins as possible. As you will discover later on, free spins are waiting to be snapped up, and if you can land the golden prosperity symbols on offer, then you will be well on your way to boosting your bankroll!

In terms of RTP (Return to Player), this will make you take notice. The RTP stands at 96%, which is higher than most other slots and lets you pick up higher wins. However, your main focus should be on securing that lucrative progressive grand jackpot.

Bonus Game – Show us what you got!

In Laughing Buddha Hold and Win, you will be presented with two bonus options – Free Spins, or the popular Hold and Win feature. If you can unlock the Hold and Win bonus, then you will be taking a significant step towards getting your hands on the precious jackpot. To do this, you will need to collect the Golden Coins, and 15 is the magic number here.

We have left no stone unturned with Spinza’s Laughing Buddha slot, so just spin the reels, and see what happens next.

Free Spins – Snap them up!

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving free spins? This player favourite has been cleverly incorporated in Spinza’s Asian adventure, so remember, if you land three or more Temple symbols, this will trigger the free spins mode. 

With the free spins feature, which is one of the selling points of the slot, all of the eponymous Laughing Buddha symbols morph into expanding wilds. This is a very aesthetically pleasing feature, and we think it will catch your eye too.

Hit the Jackpot

Oh, and we probably ought to have a quick word about the jackpot sizes. Like most of our latest and most innovative slot titles, the progressive jackpots vary in size, and they are split into four categories.

Starting with the Mini Jackpot, you could win up to 30x your stake amount, whereas the Minor will pay up to 150x your stake. If you can get your hands on the Major Jackpot size, then you will walk away with winnings equivalent to 300x your original stake amount. 

And remember: grabbing those golden coins is vital. Landing 15 of them will bring into play the grand jackpot, something to truly feast your eyes on. 

Laughing Buddha Hold and Win will provide hours of fun, and we can’t wait to see what you think. May the laughing Buddha smile on you in this atmospheric second release by slots specialists Spinza!

Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win – Take a trip on the Wild Side!

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win. The Spinza team, which has over 10 years of experience in the field, knows what it takes to produce the most eye-catching slots, and we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring out one of the most immersive slot titles of the year.

Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win is centred around a cowboy theme, and the vibrant graphics will swing you into the action immediately. There is plenty going for this new slot, including lots of innovative features, symbols, and of course the Grand progressive jackpot.

Ahead of its official launch, let’s see what makes Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win stand out. So, saddle up as we give you a whistle-stop tour of Golden Gunslinger. 

Can you handle the pressure?

Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win is the first of our releases in 2022, and so there are big expectations. Set against a saloon background, Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win evokes memories of those famous western movies, whereby there would be big brawls in the saloons before the hero and villain of the piece would square off in a potential shoot-off. It would then be a case of who would hold their nerve or who would let loose first. The saloon looks rather life-like, and we have used cutting-edge technology to make it look as realistic a setting as possible for our players.

This thrilling joyride is played along 3 reels, 5 rows, and 5 pay lines. As mentioned, this Spinza special is of the Hold and Win variety, which means players will have to accumulate as many symbols as possible within a set number of spins. Ultimately, the more symbols picked up could entail a lucrative reward at the end of it. The Hold and Win element here is determined by 6 gold coin symbols, and 3 spins to start.
In the following sections, let’s look more closely at the symbols and bonus game that is served up to our players.

Discovering the key features

Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win is wild in more ways than one, and we’re not just referring to the theme. This slot has fully embraced cowboy life with some intriguing features, including four premium paying symbols attached to the reels. The best is the Large Revolver, followed by the Cowboy Hat as well as Horses and Cactus respectively.

There are also four standard symbols in Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win, with the most lucrative being the Ace, while the least valuable card in the pack is the Jack. 

Cash is king with many high-rolling slots, and in the case of Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win, the Coins represents the bonus symbol, while the lead protagonist, the Golden Gunslinger, represent the Free Spins symbol. The Wild is a gold sheriff’s badge, and can only land on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Bonuses and Free Spins – bring it on!

Bonuses and free spins are crowd-pleasers, and the same can be said of our Golden Gunslinger: Hold and Win slot release. The bonus game, as mentioned previously, requires players to collect 6 coins to advance to the next stage. If you pick up all 15 coins on offer, you win the progressive jackpot. Bonus symbols remain stuck to the reels, and we’re spoiling our players with three spins every time an additional coin symbol is hit. Only once the reels have been refilled or the three spins are completed the Hold and Win bonus game stop.

To get your hands on the free spins, you will need to pick up three of the Golden Gunslinger himself on any reel. With free spins, all Wild symbols will carry a 2x multiplier, and remember, you can only hit Wilds on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. If three or more scatter symbols appear, this will cause a retrigger.

Jackpot feature and Pay Boxes

It’s time to saddle up for those wins! All pay boxes will have text that is gold in colour. With regards to the jackpot, there are four different jackpot sizes – The Mini, The Minor, The Major, and The Grand.

Of course, The Grand is the big pull, and you will have to collect 15 symbols during the Hold and Win Bonus Game. We have illustrated below the breakdown of the jackpot sizes: 

Mini = 30x stake amount

Minor = 150x

Major = 300x

Grand = Progressive prize begins at €10,000

This is just one of a few games that are rolling off the Spinza production line this year and that we can’t wait to release. After all, we are confident you will fall in love with this Hold and Win style of game too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get involved today!